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Human Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells Improves Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetic Rats

A potential treatment for injury induced erectile dysfunction

Genecord Support
February 2017   150 views

Zika Virus and Cord Blood Storage

What you should know

Genecord Support
April 2016   623 views

Public versus Private Cord Blood Banks: A Comparison

Genecord Support
August 2015   688 views

Cord Blood, Cord Tissue, and Placental Tissue Storage

Genecord Support
August 2015   725 views

Best Educational Toys for Babies

Genecord Support
June 2014   561 views

Pregnancy Habits for Your Baby's Health

Genecord Support
May 2014   542 views

3 Medical Myths Every Parent Should Know

Genecord Support
May 2014   567 views

Umbilical Cord Blood May Save Your Vision

Genecord Support
May 2014   579 views

Why All Cord Blood Banks are Not Equal

Genecord Support
May 2014   568 views

New Technology to Make Parenthood Dreams a Reality

Genecord Support
May 2014   532 views

2 Must-Have Pregnancy Apps for Busy Moms

Genecord Support
March 2014   590 views

Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell Therapy as the Future of Medicine

Genecord Support
February 2014   555 views

4 Reasons to Store Your Child’s Cord Blood

Genecord Support
February 2014   511 views

Leukemia Types and Treatments

Genecord Support
February 2014   603 views

Getting Ready to Bring Baby Home

Genecord Support
February 2014   531 views

Monitoring Your Baby's Health

Genecord Support
February 2014   529 views

Unique Gifts for the Expectant Mother

Genecord Support
December 2013   581 views

7 Reasons To Store Your Baby's Cord Blood with Genecord

Genecord Support
December 2013   570 views


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