Genecord offers an affordable and simple pricing structure that includes all costs associated with cord blood collection, transportation, processing, and storage. If you’d prefer to finance your Cord Blood storage program, we’ve teamed up with Prosper in order to offer  clear, simple, and fast financing options.  Learn more about our financing partner at

Cord Blood Storage Financing. Get an unsecured personal loan at a low rate.

Genecord® has partnered with Prosper® to help our clients receive the financing they need.

• Credit score of 640 or higher accepted

• Rates starting at 6.73% APR for best borrowers*

• Multi‐year loan terms available

• Easy online application; approval in minutes

• No pre‐payment penalties

Applying is quick and easy:

Follow the steps below and you’re there!

1. Click the Apply Now button.

2. Provide some basic information about yourself.

3. Check your rate and review your loan options.

4. Select the loan option that fits your budget.

5. Post your loan request to the platform and watch as individual investors commit funds to your loan.

6. Provide supporting documentation to verify your identity.

7. Once your loan is fully funded, the money is deposited directly into your bank account.

That’s it!

Apply Now!

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