Why Genecord? 

At Genecord, we provide clinically proven, professional cord blood collection, storage and support service that gives you peace of mind for the future. The decision to store your child’s cord blood stem cells is not just about what we can achieve now; it’s about investing in what’s to come. For your child, for their siblings, and even for your child’s future family members, the disease-fighting possibilities of cord blood stem cells grow exponentially year after year. It’s science we believe in and are committed to. From the moment you make the decision, through the collection of the cord blood, and into the 20 years of storage that follow, Genecord provides a highly supportive but unobtrusive level of customer service and secure post-storage care that sets us apart.


> Industry-defining technology and a safe, reputable cord blood storage facility with more than 30 years of experience in cryopreservation and tissue banking for the processing of cord blood specimens.

   > Simple, honest pricing for the most reliable, high-quality services.

   > Easy and efficient enrollment process with unparalleled and continued 24-hour customer support from friendly,            informed representatives, plus email updates and an innovative iPhone app full of helpful information.


Experience matters 

Our team has more than 30 years’ experience in banking valuable cells and tissues. We are leaders in cryogenic storage and our team represents the world’s first cryobanks—in other words, we’re not going anywhere. Our longevity and financial stability ensure that we will be here to safeguard your baby’s cord blood stem cells. Our moral and contractual commitment to you protects your precious Cord Blood units under all circumstances.


We offer the most personalized customer service in the industry. We are more than a name and a voice on the line. We are here to cheer you on and guide you with unparalleled customer support.

Safest Procedures

Our laboratory staff conducts monthly calibrations on all equipment, as well as an annual validation. We store all cord blood stem cell units in an FDA-approved Pall medical bag. Units are stored in the vapor phase above liquid nitrogen, which eliminates the possibility of any remote transmission of disease from one sample to another.

Secure Location

We maintain tight control and proprietary interest in our processing and storage facilities, which are located in Augusta, GA. You can be assured that once cord blood stem cells are shipped to our facility, they will remain securely stored and will never be moved or transferred to another storage facility.

Why Doctors Recommend Us

Doctors recommend us because we make their jobs easier. We spent a lot of time listening to what OB-GYNs want in a cord blood collection kit, and we set out on a path to revolutionize the way cord blood collection kits are packaged. We determined that the best way to ensure a viable cord blood sample for our customers is to make the process of obtaining it as easy as possible.

What’s Inside The Box 

(click here to see an animated video of the cord blood collection process)

Tubes and Material for Mothers blood samples

We always test the mother’s blood to assure the absence of disease.

Collection bag, needle and tubling

Our FDA-approved collections bags are Heparin-free, ensuring the viability of your cord blood collection.

Iodine, toweling, blue needle guard and C-section adaptor kit

Our kits are ready for any type of delivery and these items are clearly marked for your doctor.

Biohazard bag

Everything gets packed into this bag and secured right back in your cord blood kit for safe and secure travel back to our lab.

Excellence in Customer Service

Excellent customer service is as important to us as excellent cord blood processing and storage. We strive to be your partner and coach throughout this process, and we have implemented revolutionary technological advancements to make sure we deliver on our promise. We invest in our customer service, not in advertising and marketing ploys.


We’re here for you

From a warm and embracing “welcome aboard” phone call, to answering any questions you may have about cord blood storage or our process, we play an unobtrusive supportive. Feel free to call day or night 24/7–we’re always here.

We take care of you

Once you deliver, simply call us and we’ll take care of the rest. Our cord blood concierge will arrange for a courier to come right to your hospital room to pick up the cord blood kit.

We stay in touch with you

We want to make sure you remember to bring your cord blood kit to the hospital. We also have some other tips and tricks we’d like to share with big day. We’ll be communicating with you via email so you are prepared for what lies ahead.

We support you even after your baby is born

Our service doesn’t end once your baby’s cord blood is safely stored in our lab. We want to keep you up to speed on the exciting developments in stem cell therapy.


The Genecord Advantage 

We’re committed to preserving the future possible. This means that you can expect industry leading and state of the art cord blood processing and storage, best in class customer service, and unrivaled post storage support. It also means that we are committed to an affordable flat-fee pricing structure and simple and elegant enrollment experience.


Our Technology

We use state of the art technology that allows us to be more engaging, more efficient, and more precise.

Our Support

Customer support is the backbone of our business and paramount to true peace of mind.

Our Team

You wont find a more compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable team. We do what we do so well because we love it!

Our Pricing

We invest in our business, not in advertising or marketing. We are simple and transparent in everything we do–our pricing is no exception.

A Simple Investment

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Experience Peace of Mind

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